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I'm Rebecca, the girl behind the camera .... thank you for popping by to say hello.

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Imagination play

The world and workings of a three year old's mind are simply amazing. I can't get enough of hiding out of sight and just listening to my little girl take herself and her toys on fun-seeking adventures.

Do you do that too?

Tara isn't one for often playing on her own, preferring to have me by her side as we dress up like fairy princesses and trot about the house on our pretend horses on the way to our pretend homes/castles/shops/the beach, or to just read books with her (which I love, by the way). But sometimes she will lose herself in the world of her toys, and I tip toe away to allow her this time to create her own play and guide her own stories.

Usually I think "Phew... I've been allowed a reprieve from being the Fairy Godmother to her Cinderella, I should use this rare 10 minutes to quickly make the bed/put a load of washing on/clean up the now caked up breakfast cereal from her table and chairs"..... but more often than not I find myself just listening at the door and she chatters away to her toys.

Most of her toys take on the names of her closest friends, so Jamesie, Ethan, Amy, Annica and Gracie animal/person/knight/fairy, and Tara animal/person/knight/fairy are kept busy with their adventures, generally along with Teddy (who plays the role of Teddy so very well).

We will also 'tell stories', which is a fun & incredibly entertaining way to pass some time (great for car trips).
Tara will say "Tell me a story about Me, Teddy and Mummy" ....... and so I start.....
"Once upon a time there was a little girl called Tara, her Teddy and her Mummy, and one day they decided to go to .........(and she will fill in the blank). And before they went, they had to pack their .......... And they got on their ...... and rode all the way to the .......... On the way they saw......."
I tell you, some of the funny places we've been on the wild rides of a 3 year old's imagination make me giggle.
This post was inspired by The Paper Mama's TOY CHALLENGE
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge
And edited to add ..."Whoo..... 4th place in The Paper Mama's photo comp!!" :D

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh my gosh- so cute!!! I love that giraffe!

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