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Strawberries and four pom-poms

After being cooped up inside for a week and half, with freezing cold temperatures outside and a very sick little girl inside, l'il T and I were up for some fun outdoors. Last week we ventured to a beautiful local nursery to buy some strawberry plants for the backyard, hung out in a cafe and took a break to try on some crazy hats! We discovered a little boutique with a wide array of fluffy, furry hats, so we amused ourselves for a while being pandas, lions, chickens and dinosaurs.

Aaaah.... I love free entertainment with a three year old :)

Tara then plonked a pink beanie on that had four pom-poms ... because really, can you ever have too many pom-poms? Well, it looked so mighty cute that I bought it for her, and she has hardly taken it off since. Here we are enjoying some lovely wintery sun .....

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Here is the wonderful new hat, and here is what happens when you lift a camera in front of a three year old and say "smile"!

Kitted out in her standard gardening tutu, little Miss in her new four pom-pom beanie helped me plant and water her brand new strawberry plants. We have put them in a pot outside her bedroom window, with a pinwheel to spin away and keep watch over them. The plan is for her to water and tend for the strawberry plants ..... I hope that is not too ambitious!

bits of splendor monday Photobucket Edited to add: Thanks to the super sweet Amy for featuring my shot on her gorgeous blog, Love Bug xx Photobucket


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