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I'm Rebecca, the girl behind the camera .... thank you for popping by to say hello.

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Hurry up Summer

I'm not a cold-weather person.

Give me warm breezes and sunshine any day. There is now 2 weeks of winter left, and I am counting down until I don't have to go outside wearing a scarf and jacket, with a pair of gloves handy. Sure, bundling up in comfy clothes with a warm bowl of soup has its comforts, and is something I enjoy. But bare shoulders, summer salads and chilled drinks is what I crave.

I have been working my way through some images on my computer (there are SO many, I kid you not), and have enjoyed editing some images taken during the warmer months of this year. This served two purposes ... helping me process some images that I have been meaning to get to, as well as letting me pretend for just a brief moment that there wasn't an icy wind blowing outside and the heating on inside. .....

To me, summer means warm breezes through the house, summer fruits, driving with car windows down in the evenings, eating icy-poles, walking barefoot in the grass, splashing in the water, children learning to ride bikes & scooters, short-sleeved t-shirts....... But, a picture is worth a thousands words, and my aim with all the photographs I take, is to tell a story..... so I'd love to share these pictures with you.

What does summer mean to you?

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