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I'm Rebecca, the girl behind the camera .... thank you for popping by to say hello.

Rebecca Doyle Photography - the art of capturing precious moments in time.......

Ethan's 2 year old session

This little boy was an absolute delight to take photos of ... an ABSOLUTE delight! Cute as a button, happy to engage with his Mummy & I, and with big brown eyes to die for.

Eighteen months ago I photographed his big sister, for her 2-year old photo shoot, and for Ethan's session we tried to re-create some shots, to create a wall of pictures to adorn the family home (and with another baby to join the fold in a few weeks time, this wall of cuties sitting at the piano will be quite the feature!).

Eth & I sat and played trains to start with, whilst his Mum (one of my most precious friends) had a wonderful catch up chat. These truly are the best parts of my job, and by the end of the session I knew all the names of the Thomas the Tank crew.

Boys and their toys ... to get Eth up at the family piano, some of the engines needed to take a ride too ...


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