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Her birthday!

We recently had a pink-filled birthday weekend of fun at our home, celebrating my little girl's 3rd birthday.
And it was oh so Pinkalicious. Pink balloons. Pink tissue paper pom-poms (I channeled a bit of Martha Stewart craft action). Pink cake. Pink cupcakes. Pink serviettes. Pink biscuits. Pink drink. A bit of pink heaven, right there in our house. There was excited running up and down the house all weekend, Grandparents visiting from interstate, and thus to Tara's delight she had her pick of family to assign all the tasks of playing with her, bathing her, dressing her, getting her drinks - she was in her element & I got a small reprieve! It was lovely to have just a small gathering to celebrate a day special to her, and so very special for my husband and I too.

Birthday morning she awoke with the excited exclamation of "I'm three! I'm three!", and asked me a few times during the day if it was still her birthday. The day after her birthday she woke up and tentatively asked if she was still three. On positive confirmation there was an excited hand to her mouth and a bit of three year old jumping around. Shame I don't wake with the same excitement when I realise my age each morning. (Groan, slowly wake, stumble along from bedroom to bathroom, creaking joints, shower, breakfast, coffee...... "Oh, I'm that age! Now I remember why I feel like this!").

Here are some pictures I'd love to share with you all. Happy Birthday to the little girl that I love so very much.

 then, she {snapped}


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