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Quarterly Top 5 Photos of Tara

Linking up with the gorgeous Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos, and her combined 'Quarterly Top 5 Photos' party. The five pics to be chosen must be those taken of your child/ren, and even though it was only over a 3 month period, I enjoyed the moment to pick the photos and reminisce on all the changes. Hard to believe that in a 3 month period there has been many changes .... but there definitely has.

For one, little Tara has turned 3. She continues to learn so much, and contest so much more too! Some days can be so tiring and she questions each and every thing I say or request.

For the most part, I am happy that this will hopefully mean as she grows and matures, she won't be a person to just accept something because someone else said so. I like to think she will constantly be on the search for better solutions or other options, a better way to do things, or a more viable solution. I am sure this trait will stand her in good stead for the 'real world' ... however, in the day to day world of merely trying to get clothes and shoes on and out the door, it can be hard going sometimes!

Here are my five pics for the last quarter.....

I chose this first one, taken in April, for two reasons - one, because I have been DYING to get a photo of her looking up at the camera (I think it is such a beautiful angle - but she NEVER stands still long enough!), and two, because this is the first photo where I really have noticed the little round face disappearing as she starts to look older (which of course makes me happy and sad all at the same time!).

This collage quite simply makes me smile. I had just received an iPod for my birthday, and with an adeptness I would have thought beyond her tender years, she quickly figured out how to scroll through the apps I loaded for her. My Dad came to visit for the weekend, and she took it upon herself to teach him a technological trick or two!

This picture I love for what it represents:
 - her curiosity
 - her love of playing outdoors
 - my snazzy binoculars made from toilet paper rolls
 - the fun times her & I have
 - making up games, getting down on the ground and exploring
 - her imagination

And if this last picture didn't represent the fun times we have .... I think this one will definitely do that! Here is what happened one rainy afternoon, whilst we were stuck indoors ......

And this last one I love, because it typifies her at the moment ..... a dress and gumboots .... no matter where we go! *EDIT* Thanks for the feature Ashley :)


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