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I'm Rebecca, the girl behind the camera .... thank you for popping by to say hello.

Rebecca Doyle Photography - the art of capturing precious moments in time.......

Red is not my favourite colour!

I was showered, dressed and all ready to go. We'd both had breakfast. It was 9.20am and I had Tara booked in for a hairdresser appointment in town at 10am. Plenty of time to spare   ... no crazy running around. Just needed to get little Miss dressed and we'd be off. I even allowed myself the indulgence of thinking of the errands I could get done before her hair cut.

I smiled to myself as I observed her wonderful good mood, as she skipped up to me, hugged my leg and told me I was pretty, before telling me she was going to play me a sweet yearning tune on her harmonica (yes, she actually said 'sweet, yearning tune'. Funny child.). And I happily watched as my snowy haired little girl, a few days from turning 3 proceeded to perform this sweet, yearning tune complete with boppy, interpretive dance.

Okay, so just to get her dressed and we are out the door.

Quickly put a red top and blue skirt on her while she is distracted with 'Bananas in Pyjamas'. Once those two pieces of fruit in stripy pjs have finished I turn off the t.v, ready to pop her shoes on and out the door we go ...... tv off, she looks down and howls "But red isn't my favourite colour!".

Dramatic flounce to the floor followed by sobs of tears.

Small child coaxed to her room to pick out another top.

Pink top on. Happy smiles.

Sees blue skirt on and rips it to the ground "I can't wear a skirt, I need to wear a dress so I can be a BALL-E-NINA!". Of course. I am sorry. Let's go and find a dress.

"I can't wear THAT dress! It's too small. I am growing bigger and bigger".

More tears.

Frantically glance at watch and notice the time .... quick, shoes on, let's go.

"These shoes are too small". Shoes promptly flung to the floor.

Try second pair of shoes. Tears ensue. "My socks are all crooked! I can't wear these shoes". Shoes promptly flung to the floor.

Gumboots are happily retrieved, so off we go to the shops with my precious child wearing a dress, pants and gumboots :)
(I did laugh later on when we walked into a shop and the lovely shop assistant took one look at her and smiled, saying "Oh look at you! You chose your own clothes this morning didn't you?!").

Time to go, but first Tara stops in her room to collect some books and toys to take.

After another 5 minutes, my empty shopping bag now contains two little ponies, ponies' hair brushes, 13 library books, a photo album and a magnifying glass. Tara is happily standing there with a teddy in arms.

Drag self and overloaded shopping bag to the door, juggling car keys and sunglasses. Hear more tears.

Turn around to see Tara standing there looking at the teddy (THAT SHE CHOSE) "I CAN"T take this teddy, it is sitting. I need a teddy that is standing!". Of course.

Runs off to find a 'standing' teddy.

Finally get in the car, and fortunately the city is a short drive away. Chose to ignore the clock in the car.

10.01am. Walk into the hairdressers. Phew.

Sit down and think to myself "Did I brush my teeth this morning?".

It was kind of cute when she held my hand throughout the whole hair cut :)

I've joined the ranks of Instagram - find me @canberrabec - I'd love to know who else Instagrams :)


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