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Special family portrait session with Soph, Cam & Annie

To say that I was honoured to be able to capture these family portraits today is an understatement. I'd like to introduce you to my lovely friends Soph & Cam and their fair-haired little beauty Annabelle. When my husband & I moved to Canberra a few years ago Soph was the first friend I met, and immediately made me feel welcome, introducing me to new friends and showing me the sights.

Since that time, we have seen each other through both of husband's overseas deployments and shared in the joy as we have both welcomed little girls into the world.

Cam is currently serving on deployment in Afghanistan, home for just 10 days before heading back in a couple of days time.... and today I was very fortunate to spend some time with them, watching them play and have fun with Annie - their love for each other and their little girl is just wonderful and so very special.

Please enjoy these sneak peek shots from today's session and please follow along on Rebecca Doyle Photography for more photos coming soon.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, Rebecca, these are just wonderful! They must be so impressed!!! I think that second picture would look marvelous on canvas. (hint hint Mommy and Daddy)

Rebecca Doyle Photography said...

Oh thank you very much Miss :)
I had loads of fun with the photo session... and yes... excellent hint!!

Anonymous said...

hehehe ;)

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