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BJ & Caz's Wedding - Sneak Peek!

Let me introduce you to my friend BJ - he & I have been friends since Uni, which incidently was the same time he was working with my husband (before we had even met) - he has been a special and important friend in the lives of both my husband & I, he was the best man at our wedding, and on Sunday we were there to see him marry his love Caroline.

We travelled down to Melbourne for the nuptials and were so excited to witness their special day. The wedding was a casual affair, with BJ emailing some friends in the few days prior stating that it was going to be very informal: no bridal party, nothing fancy, no photographer, and would those people with a fancy camera who were going to take a few photos mind emailing them afterwards for their album. I dutifully informed BJ that it wasn't the fancy camera that took the good photo! As a wedding gift to them, I offered to steal them away for some portraits after the ceremony and print out some images for them.

The wedding was at Gum Gully Farm, a fun place with a gorgeous rural setting, offering the full farm experience - even tractor rides and farm tours for the kiddies!

The bride and groom walked down an aisle of sprinkled rose petals under a canopy of kiwi fruit vines, whilst the guests sat on hay bale pews....

Caz's cousin made an incredible array of colourful cupcakes ...

And the bride and groom were absolutely glowing. The trickiest thing about taking these photos was to get BJ to stop staring at Caz long enough to get him to smile at the camera! They make a gorgeous couple don't they?!

Congratulations BJ & Caz! xx

As you can see, I couldn't do a 'wordless' Wednesday today .... too many things I wanted to say about this special day!

 then, she {snapped}and
 then, she {snapped}Photobucket


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