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I'm Rebecca, the girl behind the camera .... thank you for popping by to say hello.

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Funny Faces

This afternoon I embarked on making 'Funny Face' biscuits with Tara (I remember doing these as a kid!).... these were a great activity to do with her, as the preparation (and mess) was minimal, and she got to have fun creating.

I lost count however of the amount of times she said "Can I eat one?" when she picked up a lolly to decorate the faces!

I have learnt from the last few times I have done either craft or cooking activities with little Miss-busy-active-'hands-on'-2 1/2 year old .... prepare first. So after her & I took a trip to the shops (and we stopped for a coffee/milk shake) to select the face decorations, I quickly headed into the kitchen to get everything ready.

We had bowls of chocolate, jelly beans, fruit sticks and sprinkles. A quick mix of icing sugar, boiling water and a few drops of food colouring saw the pinky/purple icing ready to go.

And then little Miss, in her pink sparkly shoes, entered the kitchen ready for action.
And aren't these shoes the cutest?! A couple of weeks ago, I decided Tara needed more shoes than the runners and gumboots she wore most days, so I announced to her "let's go to the shops and buy you some shoes" ..... her response "I'd like pink, sparkly ones please!!". Fortunately for me, the shop we went to had them. Phew. Melt down avoided.
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I thought I would use today's kitchen activity to also take my 'Embrace the Camera' photo (taking an everyday shot, with me included).

And here is the finished product. Did you too make these as a child?

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


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