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I'm Rebecca, the girl behind the camera .... thank you for popping by to say hello.

Rebecca Doyle Photography - the art of capturing precious moments in time.......

Here are some legs.... here are some feet......oh happy days!

For those familiar with some of my photos, you will know I have a bit of a thing for taking photos of feet and legs.

I just came across the 'The Paper Mama's' photo challenge for this week .... FEET (be still my beating heart.... I'm giddy with excitement). The Paper Mama's photo challenges are unique, in that they MUST have your child in them here are a few of my favourites, with l'il Miss T's cute pudgy toes... plus a few of my self-portrait leg & feet shots. Enjoy!

And if you haven't checked out The Paper Mama's blog, please do so HERE - The gal has style, the gal is fun :) And I adore that her photo challenge's have the requirement of featuring your children!

Stay tuned for more feet and leg photos soon.... I promise, I still have quite a collection to share :)



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