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Let's Do 52 - {4/52} - Unexpected Perspective

It wasn't until I got home today, after taking Tara out to a cafe for lunch, that I discovered this week's theme for 'Let's Do 52' - and as it so happens, the photos I took whilst I was there (because of course I took my camera out to lunch too!) happened to fit the theme perfectly ('Unexpected Perspective').

My l'il T was out of childcare today recovering from a head cold, I took the day off work to hang out with her. With junior panadol giving her a boost, she was getting a little stir-crazy in the house, so we headed down to one of my favourite funky cafes, Tilley's, found ourselves a booth seat in the corner and armed with toy cars, a selection of 'Little Miss' and 'Dr Seuss' books, and of course, Teddy, we shared a breakfast focaccia (well, she ate a little bit of cheese). For drinks, I had my usual skinny mocha and she was treated to a kiddie's vanilla milkshake. I even managed to flip through a magazine!

A couple of weeks ago I came across 'Embrace the Camera' (turning the camera on yourself once a week, 'embracing the camera' and capturing the moments you share with someone special) and have decided that each week, I will take a photo of Tara & I, just doing whatever Tara & I do. It was a happy coincidence that this week's photo also suited my weekly 'Let's Do 52' challenge :)

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